If We Cantaloupe, Lettuce Marry!

A life adventure with dirt under your fingernails

Painting the Boards


This past weekend we spent some time painting the 33 boards that are going to make up the walls of our bed. Niki did most of the painting while I managed moving the boards. I think I got the raw end of the deal since I had to move each board about five or six times. We didn’t have enough clean space to let them dry all in one spot, so I had a number of “stations” of differing dryness. Once dried, we flipped them to the unpainted side, and started all over again.

Of course our boy had to get into the action with his sidewalk chalk, and by “action” I mean drawing on the boards, the sidewalk, his hands, his feet, my feet, his table, the door, and everything else. Our lazy dog was no help.